Getting Started

In 4 easy steps

If you are a first time user to Focus360 be sure for instructional purposes to bookmark this website to return here after you have created an account with us.

Step 1
y filling in our application form we will set up your avatar and send then you the details how to login.  We will then guide you through the process

Step 2
Before you receive your email complete the viewer / browser download.
Download the Singularity Viewer


 Step 3
AddingFocus360 to your viewer / browser:
1.  Open this window at the login screen Viewer > Preferences:
2.  Now add the grid URI address     http://focus360:8002     to the viewer / browser here.  Click “Apply” then “OK”.   In the picture it is already typed in.

Step 4
Once you have received your email you will have an avatar account.
1.  Open the viewer / browser and select Focus360 from the drop down menu.
2.  At the login enter your avatars’ user name and password and login.