Part of our seniors and special needs program, ALPHA CENTAURI ~ VIRTUAL REALITY PROGRAM (insert hyperlink) is our aim to raise funds for charitable organisations, particularly in New Zealand and Australia. Our charity of choice is those connected to Parkinson’s Disease. We have a particular interest in raising funds and awareness to benefit both clients and future research in this area.


Paradigm Parkinson’s Ambassador
You can assist our fundraising efforts by becoming a Paradigm Parkinson’s Ambassador. To achieve this status we ask you to donate $NZ20 per month of which all will go to the following organisations:



You are most welcome to donate any other amount you wish to on a; weekly, monthly or one off basis.

Attend our fundraising events in our virtual world
On a monthly basis we will be holding dances on our amazing Queen Mary in the Pandora’s Nightclub. These will have a dress theme and we will assist you to source some amazing clothing so you can dance the night away in our virtual world, meet new friends and communicate via voice or typing words.

Become a Paradigm Parkinson’s Partner
If you are a grid or region owner partner with us to help raise funds for a condition that affects:

  • about one in every 308 people in Australia
  • It is estimated if affects 1 in every 500 in New Zealand
  • nearly one million people in the U.S. – 60,000 diagnosed every year with men being 1.5 times more likely than women

You may like to hold monthly events on your region / grid, donate the use of your venues or dj’s, clothing, vehicles and other builds or your skills to assistant participants in our program.

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