Focus360 is a virtual world where people come into as an avatar.  The virtual world allow people to talk chat and really have a great time.

We have created this world to provide different learning environments for the different subjects.  Plus also provide environments where seniors and special needs folk who are unable to get out and about can log into and socialise.

With virtual reality support, education and training you can stay at home.  Hence anyone from a different culture, is seperated by large distances and or is physically disadvantaged, etc. can still meet up and learn.  Do note that because its online and you can login from anywhere in the world.  Also important to know is there is no special equipment is required just a good PC or Mac and a good reliable internet connection.  The benefit is people can get together seperated by large distances.

Hence our goal at Focus360 is to offer the world’s best virtual reality education and support service.

Virtual Reality Invitation

We invite you to be innovative and creative.  In virtual reality everyone can type or audio chat. You quickly create your own environment.
We are well resourced with a free and readily avaialble inventory of:all sorts of stuff.  Such as:

  • buildings
  • vehicles, boats, planes, motorbiles
  • furniture, clothing
  • water and landscapes (request a large area)
  • online resources

Assistance is available to further learn about virtual reality with both coding and scripting.