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Our program – ALPHA CENTAURI ~ Virtual Reality has been designed to provide a basic, beginners introduction to virtual worlds and film ptoduction.  As we are a very inclusive community, we are welcoming those with particular passions to be involved.

So why people with particular passions? We believe there are many people who have an interest in video and photo in virtual worlds but are either concerned about investigating them and/or do not have the ability to do so.

Our program is designed so that all you need is a good computer, a microphone, internet connection and beginner level computer skills or a mentor who can assist you to do this.

We will provide assistance to; create an avatar, enter our virtual world and interact by learning new skills and social interaction.

What skills can I learn?
Well, let your creative flair come forth or use your engineering/technical knowledge to create amazing constructions. Clothing, boxes, houses, vehicles, plants and so much more can be created and used or displayed and even sold!


What social interaction can I participate in?
Dancing, flying planes, driving vehicles, chatting, meeting new friends, gardening, playing board games, swimming, and so much more.

How does this benefit me?
We believe that keeping the mind and brain as active as possible assists in the health and well being of an individual. Your ability to learn new skills through a remote program is an amazing experience. You do not need to leave your own home if you have the basic requirements of a computer and internet connection. If you have anxiety or transport issues preventing you from social interaction, then is one solution that you may like to explore to determine if it suits you.



Yes we know this is a huge concern and so it should be. We will keep you and your information private (unless we are required by law to advise authorities). We will also do whatever we can to assist you if you feel you are being intimated, harassed or taken advantage of, by someone else.
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