Stage 2

1.  Download the virtual reality browser by clicking the picture:

Firestorm Virtual Reality Browser.






Follow the instructions and install the virtual reality browser on your PC

2.  Set up instructions for the Firestorm virtual reality browser to login to Focus360:

  • Open Firestorm, but do NOT log in.
  • At the top/left of the window select [viewer] then [Prefernces]






  • Now select the tab [Opensim]
















  • Once the tab [Opensim] is selected in the field, [Add new grid] type the following URL:















  • Click ‘Apply’ next to the url you typed. Firestorm will fill in the rest.
  • Click ‘OK’ at the BOTTOM of the menu window.

3.  When you are ready open the virtual reality browser, select Focus360 from the pull down menu.
Enter your new user name and password and then login.

Tips on where to get started:
When you first arrive, you will be at the Focus360 Plaza and there are some great newbie starter avatars and clothing there.
The grid has a lot of great stuff! You can use the [Search] button in the viewer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for.. type gibberish
as a search term (@Q%$%! or such..) and it will show all the locations.
ENJOY! And do not hesitate to send a message to Focus360 by using the Contact Form if you need any help!

Video tutorials explaining what to do are available by clicking here: TUTORIAL VIDEOS